Lechsteg Fabrication Underway

DKFS have been commissioned for the design of a new connection to bridge a valley in Peissenberg, Bavaria in one of the southernmost regions of Germany – The Pfaffenwinkel.  Located near the famous mountain ,Zugspitze, - Germany highest mountain- the structure connects two former communities . Its golden patina references the cultural heritage of the place as a mining community.

City of Scharbeutz signs contracts and Scharbeutz Pier design begins

The City of Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea near Hamburg has signed all appointments and DKFS starts the design of the extraordinary pier structure that will host the Mercedes Benz SUP Cup!

Silver Arrow contracts with Emscher Genossenschaft signed! Design of the 430m structure starts !

DKFS have won the international competition for a new 430m bridge in Castrop-Rauxel near Essen Germany coined 'The Silver Arrow’ by local press.  We have been successful in the negotiation procedure and design starts!