Scharbeutz Pier - Tender complete

DKFS have completed the tender for the new Scharbeutz Pier. Demolition of the existing pier has completed in early May. We are set to host the Mercedes Benz SUP Cup in 2024! Happy Days!

The Peg- Erfurt, Germany- Super structure on site

DKFS'  Promenade Deck coined 'The clothes peg' super structure arrived on site. Super slender, super good looking.   Comparison sketch to an A380 on the right.  Engineering Consultant: Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Stuttgart  Fabricator: SEH Eiffage, Hannover

Warsaw Bridge successful tender

Warsaw Bridge has been successfully tendered and breaks ground!

Lady Herkomer_Central Section assembly

The central section with the truss structure over the pillar location lifted in via a Liebherr 1200 crane from AKM Munich

Lechsteg Fabrication Underway

DKFS have been commissioned for the design of a new connection to bridge a valley in Peissenberg, Bavaria in one of the southernmost regions of Germany – The Pfaffenwinkel.  Located near the famous mountain ,Zugspitze, - Germany highest mountain- the structure connects two former communities . Its golden patina references the cultural heritage of the place as a mining community.

City of Scharbeutz signs contracts and Scharbeutz Pier design begins

The City of Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea near Hamburg has signed all appointments and DKFS starts the design of the extraordinary pier structure that will host the Mercedes Benz SUP Cup!

Silver Arrow contracts with Emscher Genossenschaft signed! Design of the 430m structure starts !

DKFS have won the international competition for a new 430m bridge in Castrop-Rauxel near Essen Germany coined 'The Silver Arrow’ by local press.  We have been successful in the negotiation procedure and design starts!

Fabrication begins on DKFS' EYE Bridge in Austria

DKFS' EYE Bridge in Linz, Austria: Fabrication of the central section has begun. Segment size of the individual elements is governed by maximum transport size and workshop dimensions. The central section just fits!
Architecture: DKFS Architects London, Dirk Krolikowski & Falko Schmitt
Kneidinger Architekten Linz, Martin Kneidinger

Engineering: Jane Wernick Associates London, Colin Jackson ( Concept), Werner Sobek
Client: Oberbank Linz, AT

DKFS unveils proposal for New Busstation Leverkusen

DKFS unveils their proposal for the new Busstation roof in Leverkusen. The 125m long and 28m wide roof has a reflecting stainless skin and carved in dedicated spaces which serve as boarding gates. It is the keystone in the regeneration of the new railway station quarter in central Leverkusen and promotes the city as a modern and attractive place to live and work.

Architecture: DKFS I Dirk Krolikowski  Falko Schmitt
Client: City of Leverkusen, GER