Fechingen Gate

DKFS together with engineering expert Schüssler-Plan Frankfurt and leading landscape architects Gillespies from London have won 1st Prize for our proposal for the new Fechingen Valley Bridge. The important piece of infrastructure is also referred to as Germany’s ‘Gate to France’. The new 450m long structure will replace the famous existing bridge on the skyline of the country’s capital Saarbrücken. Emphasising the elegance and structural legibility of the developed ‘Twin Columns’ Steffen Bilger, Secretary of State for Infrastructure said: „The winning scheme for the new Fechinger Valley Bridge is an architectural milestone. The structure is of great importance as a node that connects Saarbrücken with Nuremburg leading far further beyond the borders of Germany to Paris and Prague.“

ClientLandesbetrieb für Straßenbau Saarland, GermanyCommissionCommission after CompetitionLocationFechingen, GermanyStatusexecution design _ commission after competitionLength450mCollaboratorsSchüssler-Plan Frankfurt, Gillespies

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