Riga Airport

The proposed terminal is based on a lean 1.5-level concept suiting the business model of airBaltic as an efficient carrier of tomorrow . Both, departures and arrivals have ground level curbs. Topography of the underside of the roof sculptures and subtly subdivides the terminal space. The roof shell creates a pattern that is perpendicular to the road and the apron space that clearly indicates the direction of the pas¬senger flow.

The formal inspiration are ver¬nacular pitched roofs of sauna houses as well as the geometry of a paper plane. The roof consists of a series of pitched identical pitched roof modules.
The simplicity of the shape pro¬duces a dynamic sense of direc¬tion peaking at the centre and indicating the entrance under the main pitched roof where check in and central access to departures is located.
The heart of the airport, the baggage handling system, is located behind the check-ins at the back of the concourse . It is strategically located in the centre of the building to optimise operation.At the same time it is visible for arriving and departing passengers through a glass wall. It becomes a legible component of the system featuring the processes involved in air-travel and making the service provided by airBaltic more transparent. It will be featured by airBaltic corporate colours.

ClientAirBalticCommissionCompetition LocationRiga, LVACollaboratorsArup

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