Wenxing Citygate

The new bridge in Yongxin is a modern structure with an innovative form that is an interpretation of the traditional roof bridges and their constructional logic. The landmark structure functions as a vital public space with views towards the boulevard and the Hanging Zizhen Gardens. The roof shelter the user if the bridge and opens up in the central section of the bridge over the river. Here also the terrace is located that looks up on the beauty of the Zizenh Hanging Gardens, the river and the mountains. In front of the outstanding panorama stories are told and the bridge serves as public space. The bridge becomes a memory of the city with its rich history where it gets told and honoured with cultural festivities. The beautiful roof with its reflective titanium skin protects the warm timber interior and activities in every season. It is an innovative interpretation of heritage pointing to the future of Yongxin with its rich humanity, history and beautiful natural surroundings. Part of the proposal is the new Lingjiang Building which sits on the urban Axis and acts as an attractive urban Landmark. Here it contains a museum as part of the main road as well as Dining and Bar facilities on its balconies. It is central part of the modern lifestyle on the water’s edge and river boulevard with its lush Zizhen Gardens. The urban route through the LinJiang Building leads directly to the pier and the new urban landscape of the river bank. Terraced green steps of the new Zizhen Hanging Gardens lead from the boulevard down to the river edge. The Zizhen Hanging gardens are a destination and interface between the urban and the rich river ecology offering a place for recreation and contemplation.

DKFS won the open international competition for Wenxing Bridge and City Gate which is part of the YONGXIN”OLD CITY RENEWAL PLAN. The competition attracted over 200 submissions from more than 60 countries.

Client Yongxin County Government with Yongxin Old City Renewal Project Leading Group CBC (China Building Centre)Commission1st Prize Open International Competition- Commission after Competition LocationYongxin, ChinaStatusConcept Design

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