DKFS and Tosan Popo Studio team up for Lagos EKO Atlantic Masterplan

DKFS have teamed up with Tosan Popo Studio for a proposal in Lagos, Nigeria.  The project is part of EKO ATLANTIK which is though of as one of the world's most advanced new cities, rapidly developing. It is a visionary project on huge scale constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean.  DKFS' proposal for the 260.000m2 master-plan for the EKO Village subdivides the plot into sectors of varying privacy accumulating around a network of vibrant and shaded retails streets.

Luedenscheid Bridge and Tower are open!

Luedenscheid Bridge and Tower are erected and operational.  Both new structures were fabricated in Stemwede by Rohlfing Metalworks. While the tower houses a Pendulum as part of the new museum the bridge ensures connectivity to the inner city of Luedenscheid. A formal opening is expected to be in spring once all remaining works are carried out.

DKFS shortlisted for Lustenau Football Stadium

DKFS has been shortlisted for the new Football Stadium in the Alps! The timber structure sits within an interesting urban setting and uses cutting edge timber technology in an innovative way. The roof geometry is covered in for the region typical timber roof tiles while it twists and folds to optimise the viewers experience.

Museum Bridge Still Footage

DKFS have been commissioned for the design of the new, large span footbridge in Heidelberg with a connected urban walkway system through the adjoining quarter. The direct commission is one of five that have been awarded in the competition. The commissioned five teams will now develop their proposals to concept design stage where a final decision will be made about the project that will go to execution. 

Nice Model ;-)

Nice model of DKFS' Museum Bridge in Luedenscheid by Dortmund Germany